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 July 2020

Generation Acai

At long last, Generation Acai is open! Take a break from the summer heat with a cool acai bowl. Sweet and refreshing, acai bowls are the perfect healthy treat for the summer!

 July 2020

Fancy a Noble Chicken?

How do you like your chicken? Fried, grilled, in a bun, in a salad, in a wrap, maybe with rice. We put all our focus and attention on making sure that every piece of chicken is seasoned, flavourful and cooked to perfection. Noble Chicken is for the chicken lovers.

03June 2020

Stay Safe, Stay Home

We are back stronger and with improved precautions.

03June 2020

Battle of the Brands: One Menu - One Payment - One Delivery

Our most innovative concept, bringing you One delivery, in One menu, with One payment: Battle of the Brands, has officially launched!

03June 2020

Welcome to the Food Revolution!

Battle of the Brands unites brands from KLC Virtual Restaurants together under one umbrella, giving you the ability to order from a variety of cuisines and concepts in one order. One delivery, One menu, One payment...Welcome to the food revolution.

03June 2020

One Butter Chicken Please!

One Butter Chicken brings flavours directly from India. Our Butter Chicken is made from tender chunks of tandoori chicken slow cooked in our rich buttery tomato gravy. That’s not all we’re serving though we’ve got Vegetable Biryani, Samosas, Chicken Muglai just to name a few. We know once you get a taste you’ll want one more butter chicken!

17March 2020

Stay Safe. Stay Home. We Deliver 24hrs

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. During these times we must all work together in the best interest of our community. At KLC we are doing our part by making it easier for everyone to stay home by offering home delivery 24/7. Our kitchens follow the highest standards of food safety and regulation to ensure the health and safety of our customers and team members.Stay safe. Stay home. We deliver 24 hours.


Celebrating 12 Years of Success!

We gathered everyone in our +300 team for sports day in celebration of 12 years of success! We split everyone into 8 teams representing our virtual brands, to compete in games such as tug-of-war and dodgeball. The teams competitive spirit was high as always which led to some great games. Check out the pictures to see some of our favorite moments.

03February 2020

KLC Virtual Restaurants Launches: MISSION KATSU CURRY

A new brand joins the KLC family, introducing Mission Katsu Curry! Specializing in the popular Japanese dish - Katsu Curry. Mission Katsu Curry was created for all the katsu lovers out there.

01January 2020

KLC Virtual Restaurants Launches: SOMETHING ITALIAN

KLC is proud to announce our new Italian concept - Something Italian. Discover the authentic taste of Italy.

10December 2019

KLC Virtual Restaurants Launches: Top Salad

KLC is proud to announce our new concept Top Salad. All of the best salads, bowls and wraps from across the globe are now in one place.

30November 2019


KLC always is interested in participating with spreading awareness for CSR activities & campaigns.

4November 2019

KLC Virtual Restaurants Launches: Thunder Shrimps

We’re going submarine! Introducing our brand-new fried shrimp concept. From our crunchy Shrimp Burgers and Subs to our breaded golden fried Shrimp, explore the marine tastes that will leave you wanting more.

2October 2019

KLC Virtual Restaurants Launches: X Sliders

Explore the unknown and discover the possibilities of “x”. Tastes created to send you out of this world!

1October 2019

The last Is Always The Best

When it comes to Pizza the last is always the best.. Our pizza is made to make you wish eating more pizza even when you are actually eating it. We are Happily introducing our new pizza concept.. The last pizza as we really believe that everyone craves a delicious pizza with unforgotable taste.

25September 2019

The Last Pizza is always the best!

100% fresh ingredients used all the time to deliver the best experience to you consistently.

25September 2019

KLC Launches: The Last Pizza

We are Happily introducing our new pizza concept .. The last pizza as we really believe that everyone craves a delicious pizza with unforgotable taste.

18July 2019

Experience Junkyard now exclusivley at Grand Cinemas

Now you can get the full grand experience with Junkyard Menu's exclusively at The Grand Class at Grand Cinemas located in Al-Hamra.

17July 2019

Introducing Our Concepts

KLC concepts are locally created with different variety of cuisines from Breakfast to Desserts to Mexican and Italian. Food that will surely satisfy your hunger.

17July 2019

The Chubby King

Presenting the latest short film by Chubby Studios, The Chubby King. Stay tuned for more of our short films coming soon to theaters near you.

27June 2019

KLC Launches: MiniME Pancakes

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest concept, MiniMe Pancakes, as part of our strategy to cater to every cuisine. MiniMe serves the fluffiest mini dutch pancakes that is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

25-26June 2019

KLC Attends WEPs Orientation Workshop

At KLC we strongly believe in equal opportunity for all which is why we signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles Statement of Support in March 2019. UN Women organized this excellent workshop welcoming all new joiners into the community. We learned how to implement the 7 Women’s Empowerment Principles to further the SDG 5 on Gender Equality.

04June 2019

Eid Mubarak from the KLC Family

The KLC Family celebrates Eid Al Fitr 2019 with a special visit from our Head Office team.

24May 2019

The Gift of Giving – Ramadan 2019

Special moments capturing the KLC family and amazing volunteers from Oneness celebrating the cooking, packing and distribution of over 1,000 meals on Friday 24th of May.

24May 2019

KLC x Oneness Ramadan 2019

As part of our ongoing CSR initiatives, we want to give back to the community in the best way we know how: sharing delicious food made with love. In collaboration with Oneness organization, we launched our “experience the gift of giving” campaign this Ramadan and on Friday 24th of May, we distributed over 1,000 meals in Al Jahra area from our Proper Sliders outlet.

17May 2019

KLC’s Gargeean 2019

Gargeean 2019 is a lot sweeter with KLC’s special delivery to the family on Friday 17th of May.

16May 2019

Al Hamra “Spread the Joy” Ramadan Event

KLC helped contribute to Al Hamra’s Annual “Spread the Joy” Ramadan CSR initiative by distributing Chubby Balls and giveaways to all the kids invited to this wonderful event. The event is organized by Al Hamra Real Estate Co. and includes live entertainment, games and lots of fun.

12May 2019

KLC Launches: Project Pasta

After the success of our pastas in The Kitchen we saw an opportunity to add a new concept to our family. Project Pasta offers a streamlined menu made up of a variety of pastas along with the essential side dishes we love to enjoy with pasta.

23April 2019

KLC Launches: Chubby Cookies

The Chubby World keeps growing! Our newest planet is doughy, gooey and delicious. KLC is proud to announce the launch of a new dessert concept, Chubby Cookies.

05Feb 2019

KLC Launches: Thrive Salads

At KLC we have always been strong believers in living a balanced lifestyle, so it only made sense for us to launch a concept in the Healthy category. Providing a well-rounded menu of fresh and flavorful salads and wraps, Thrive Salads is the perfect addition to our culinary playbook this quarter.

10Jan 2019

KLC Launches: Taco Eataco

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest concept, Taco Eataco. As part of our strategy to diversify our offerings we chose to dive into Mexican cuisine. Focusing on made-to-order, delicious Mexican food with an American twist it’s the perfect choice for a hearty, delivered meal.